Swine farming: be successful in raising pigs

If you want to become a successful pig farmer you should know the correct way of taking care of your piglets related to pig pens, their feeding behavior and management and reproduction. This above all called the secret of pig farming. 
Weaners pigs in their bedding pens after  few weeks
Pig herd foraging in a pasture land

A newly farrowed sow being suckled by its litter (piglets)

Piggery pens at Ekwu Farms and Agribusiness

When pigs are cared properly they can provide you not only the plenty of cheap meet but also the fertilizer that can be used in your fields. But they should be cared properly like proper arrangement of the swine pens.
When you buy swine from the breeder the caring begins at the moment as you must be careful about some points while buying them. You should make sure that the piglets you buy are healthy in nature and looks and also have been immunized for the very much common swine diseases.

So you should look for a trustworthy breeder. You will come to know that a breeder is good by the facilities they provide and their breeding stock. If the stick at the breeder are not clean and they look sticky don't buy the piglets from them as they may be having some diseases. And you must consult with a local veterinarian for the vaccination program of your herd.

Many people think the stuffs you need to feed the pigs are spoiled vegetables and table scraps. When you say caring for pigs you mean they should stay healthy and strong. Also make sure that you are feeding them the right powder feed for their current level of development. Need of plenty of clean, fresh water to drink is the most important thing you should look as water is essential to their health.

You also need to change the water daily as there are possibilities that they bath in the water so it become dirty. Pigs are very clean animal but they have a reputation of being called dirty animals only because they love to enjoy rolling around in mud, to cool off. If you keep them in clean pig pens they will never become dirty. They become dirt only because they are kept in filthy pig pens. So you must care the living quarter or swine pens, with plenty of fresh straw for bedding which should be change regularly. So the pig pens play a major role in farming of pigs.

If you are raising pigs in pasture or leaving them occasionally to root around in the fields where they can find plants to eat. When they are mature you should take care of this thing to prevent them wandering away. If you do not want to see them dirty then you might want to build a water pool where they can role or swim to cool off. 
Try to refill the pool frequently with a hose. For outdoor pigs they should have a small hut where they can have shelter from the hot sun.

If you care for pigs then proper handling is required. They are intelligent animals but need a little care for shelter and foods so that they can be used for farming. Proper feeds and regular feeding and necessary vaccination will make a proper Swine farming.

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