Pig Farming in Nigeria

Pig farming is an untapped area in livestock in Nigeria, as most farmers focus on poultry industry. Some socio-cultural factors as well as religious belief militates against commercial pig production especially northern Nigeria wish are predorminantly muslim inhibited region. Pigs are fast animals,the sow can farrow twice a year with a gestation period of 114 days.A sow can farrow between 8 - 12 piglets in one birth depending on the breed, nutrition and the system of management adopted in rearing the pigs. Good care should be given to newly born piglets to ensure their survival, they should be provided with a source heat to keep the pig pen warm as piglets usually feel chilled due to cold. They should provided with creep feed which is high in protein content. Piglet should be given iron injection or supplement to avoid anaemia. Piglets are weaned as from 8 weeks of age. Weaned grower pigs should well fed. A (gilt) young female pig can be used to breed as it attain 8 months of life. It should be mated as soon as estrous is observed. A boar is taken to gilt/sow pen for mating. Fish Farming, Poultry Farming, Piggery Farming, Ruminants Production, Cattle Farming, Sheep Pig Farming and Goat Farming,Ginea Pig farming, Rabbit Farming, Snail Farming, Bee Keeping (Apiculture), Mushroom Production, Vegetable Crop Farming, Cash and Food Crop Farming and Marketing.

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